The Lion Brothers Building exists as a cornerstone of possibility in the Hollins Market neighborhood-- the space offers the unrivaled opportunity to connect preserved history and future innovation. Cross Street Partners is proud to be leading this project and we believe the revitalization of this building and its surrounding area is an exciting next chapter in Baltimore’s history. 

Ask Cross Street Partners: Why choose the Lion Brothers Building?

  • It’s a blank canvas. This space provides businesses an opportunity to create a brand and identity. Not sure grey walls, fluorescent lighting and cubicles are best for your brand? Invest in something new and different. Join the project and have an influence on the building’s design and aesthetic from the beginning. 
  • We’re flexible. During the revitalization of this building, we want to work with tenants to make sure that we meet all of their needs. We’re not looking for cookie-cutter contracts; we’ll customize each arrangement to meet the demands of the organization.
  • We get it. Offices and workspaces are changing. We’re at the forefront of the coworking and shared space movements in Baltimore City and we believe in shared resources to maximize efficiency-- why pay for space you don’t use all the time?
  • We love this town. We’re still ‘bullish’ on Baltimore. We love seeing communities of folks doing and building interesting things. The Hollins Market neighborhood is ripe for new retail, food and residential opportunity and its eclectic feel reminds us why we love Baltimore so much. We’re not designing this project to be just another office building with random tenants who pay the rent. This will be a networked place with great energy and activity that contributes to Charm City’s…well, charm. 

The Storied Past of the Lion Brothers Building 

Since original construction in 1885, the Lion Brothers Building has been at the forefront of innovation in a unique and lively part of Baltimore city. The building originally served as a livery stable and meeting hall run by local undertaker and funeral home owner, John Cowan. 

When the Great Baltimore Fire erupted and engulfed their workspace in 1904, the newly established Lion Brothers Company, a downtown embroidered emblem design and manufacturing company chose 875 Hollins Street as their new address. The building’s location was ‘off the beaten path’ in the west side of town which proved beneficial as the city worked to repair damage from the fire. An abundance of working-class local residents populated their factory workforce, and the company identified physical growth potential in the immediate area. 

As time progressed, and need for embroidered emblems increased, the building was modified and expanded to meet demand. In 1920, the Lion Brothers Company announced an expansion that would double their capacity, making them the largest embroidery factory south of New York. Prominent Baltimore architectural firm Smith & May designed the expansion project, and Price Construction Company completed the building in June of that year. Additional expansions of the building occurred in 1935, 1948 and 1983, bringing the building to its current footprint. 

The Lion Brothers Company outgrew the space in 1958 and moved to a larger facility in Owings Mills, leaving the building to house a clothing manufacturer and screen-printing firm between 1961 and 2002. The impressive structure situated just blocks from Hollins Market and the Lithuanian Dance Hall closed its doors after more than a century of creation, production and transformation.

The Lion Brothers Building has an incredible storied past, but in our opinion, what’s to come is even more exciting. Plant yourself and your company in the center of this transformation and enjoy an affordable office or workspace in a bright, unique building surrounded by the city’s top innovation centers (Cambridge Innovation Center opens 2017).  

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