Progress Comes to the Lion Brothers Building

Construction on 875 Hollins Avenue has officially begun!

Construction is officially underway at the Lion Brothers Building. The CSP crew began removing debris and started the beginning stages of demolition.

For being vacant for a number of years, the Lion Brothers Building was in relatively good condition when construction began. The main focus areas are taking out dated materials, restoring the many remaining original features, and updating the structure with modern amenities.

We aren’t changing much about the building, just peeling away the layers to reveal its original beauty. May was dedicated to cleaning out the accumulated debris, salvaging historic pieces from the building’s past, and removing the old ceiling to expose the concrete rafters on the second floor.

One of the building's greatest features are its soaring ceilings. At some point, the second floor had a drop ceiling installed (pictured above) that lowered the overhead by a good three feet. Cross Street Partners immediately got to work in tearing those right out. 

At more than 37,000 square feet of usable commercial space, the cleanup was quite the daunting task, but with a lot of sweat and hard work, the construction crew managed to empty out three stories worth of concrete, metal and who knows what else.

It was amazing to watch as the ceiling, connected by metal wires, came down in large sheets. What was left was this amazingly bright and open space filled with possibilities! As construction moves forward, the factory windows will be restored to their former glory and the floors will be repaired. In just a couple months, this historic building will be ready for our tenants to move in and make the space their own!